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Grohmann Knives

Grohmann Knives
Brand: Grohmann Knives Product Code: GR4
The Grohmann No.3 Modeled after the #1 original design. A favorite among big game hunters the world over as well as for those looking for a generous size outdoor knife. Sturdy design for those with larger hands. With the tab/lock down sheath design, the belt loop is positioned high for comfort ..
Grohmann Knives Boat Knife 4" Stainless Steel Blade Rosewood Handle Leather Sheath
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Brand: Grohmann Knives Product Code: GR3
The Grohmann No.3 is known as the Boat knife due to its triangular shaped handle that helps prevent slippage when wet and was designed for hunting. Extremely comfortable grip for any application, from small game dressing and birds to large game.  Palm & finger fitting "offset" handle f..
Brand: Grohmann Knives Product Code: GR108
The Grohmann Deer and Moose knife is Big and Solid. One of the newer additions to the Grohmann line of outdoor knives is the Grohmann Deer & Moose Knife. The deer and moose is a big, solid knife and sheath for all of your big game skinning. Particularly suited for those who like a more weighted ..
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