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Brand: Cyclaire Product Code: 8/M/P-BK322
Opinel No. 8 Mushroom Knife and Pouch Gift Set with Mushrooming BookCurved Sandvik Stainless steel blade with serrated back for easy removal of the cuticle. Boar hair brush on end of handle for removing soil. Beech wood handle with lanyard hole.Blade Length: 8.5cmBlade: Stainless SteelBoar Hair Brus..
Brand: Cyclaire Product Code: kitchen-knife-set-5
Stainless Steel 5 Piece Kitchen Knife Set This pack has been carefully put together to make sure you will have the right tools for any task. No matter what you decide to cook. Each knife is sharpened with laser techniques and precision until it is razor-sharp. After thorough inspection each kn..
Brand: Cyclaire Product Code: vblind-top-hangers-white-50
Vertical Blind Top Hangers - 3.5" (89mm) White - Pack of 50 Repair your damaged vertical blinds with our pack of 50 top hangers. Description Package contains 50 pack vertical blinds hangers, great to repair vertical blind, extend your window curtain life Each hanger is 89 mm (3.5 inch) in le..
Brand: Cyclaire Product Code: switchlock
SWITCH LOCK - 4 PACK - STOP SWITCHES BEING ACCIDENTALLY TURNED OFF Switch lock, a switch guard that works Switch lock is a switch guard that makes accidentally turning appliances on or off a thing of the past. Installed in seconds the switch lock covers the switch on sockets or light switches with..
Brand: Cyclaire Product Code: switch-bridge-3
Switch Bridge 3 Pack Lock Covers Prevent Accidental Switching Whilst Allowing Easy Access for intentional Switching, Ideal for Hue Covers switches to prevent accidental switching whilst allowing easy access for intentional switching Made of strong polycarbonate with a strengthening ridge to el..
Brand: Cyclaire Product Code: steadyseat
SteadySeat - Quick Easy fix for loose or wobbly toilet seats Toilet seats have an inherent design flaw: they work loose & wobble. Steady Seat fixes that loose toilet seat quickly and easily, with no need for tools. Over the course of time the toilet seat works loose.  This causes it to ..
Brand: Cyclaire Product Code: spider-catcher
Remove spiders and insects from your home without harming them with the Katcha Bug Buster. This spider and insect vacuum gives you the ability (and the bravery) to remove the creatures safely, just point the trap, press the button, and the battery-operated vacuum will gently capture the spider ..
Brand: Cyclaire Product Code: roof-repair-straps-5
Slate Roof Repair Clips - Pack of 5 Tingles Roofing Straps A good quality slate roof can be expected to last longer than most other roofing options, typically they will last over a century if there is no physical damage. However time and weather do not always leave slates intact and can often ..
Brand: Cyclaire Product Code: rad-drain-kit
Cyclaire Radiator Drain, Removal kit with Water Catcher and Universal bungs That Even fit Hexagonal Drain Holes No need to use your thumbs over the radiator connections when carrying out a radiator removal. Helps avoid unnecessary mess and damage from spills and drips when removing radiators The t..
Brand: Cyclaire Product Code: line-blocks-12
Brick Line Blocks - Pack of 12 - 5 Colours Available - Orange, Pink, Yellow, Green or Blue Make brick laying easier with these L shaped line blocks to give you a true and straight line to work to. Available in 4 colours Orange Fluorescent Pink Fluorescent Yellow Bright Green Bright Blue ..
Brand: Cyclaire Product Code: key-draught-exluder
Door Keyhole Draught Excluder - Pack of 2 Eliminates draughts through door key holes, helps keep rooms warm and reduce heating bills Neatly fitted in seconds If you need to lock / unlock the door, just slide up the cover and insert the key. Remove the key and slide down the cover and you are draug..
Brand: Cyclaire Product Code: HO36441
Storm Force Washing Line Pegs - Pack of 24 Keep your washing safe and secure on the washing line even in the strongest winds with the Storm Force Pegs. With 4 levels of tetra-lok technology to grip clothes firmly they are perhaps the strongest pegs on the market. Features Perhaps the strongest peg..
Brand: Cyclaire Product Code: GA33341
Greena Square Raised Bed - 9 Different sizes available Ideal for urban and country gardens, patios, decking and verandas. Perfect for growing strawberries, vegetables or plants Features Pressure-treated Scandinavian Pine provides up to 20 years usage Includes strong corner posts & fixings for..
Brand: Cyclaire Product Code: GA33280
Greena Rectangular Raised Bed - 9 Different sizes available Ideal for urban and country gardens, patios, decking and verandas. Perfect for growing strawberries, vegetables or plants Features Pressure-treated Scandinavian Pine provides up to 20 years usage Includes strong corner posts & fixing..
Brand: Cyclaire Product Code: GA28040
Greena Thingamadig - The Ultimate Gardening Tool The Thingamadig is one of the most versatile garden tools around, with a serrated, curved scoop and pointed tip it is ideally suited for a variety of gardening tasks including: digging, trowelling, furrowing, weeding, scooping & cutting open bags..
Brand: Cyclaire Product Code: fence-caps-6
Fence Post Cap, Pack of 6 Neat Toppers for Fence Posts - Stop Water Rot - 3" or 4" - 5 Colours Available Pack of 6 fence post caps to neatly finish any fence and help prolong its life Easily fitted, just 2 small screws (supplied) hold the cap in place with Look neat and help stop water so..
Brand: Cyclaire Product Code: fence-panel-holders-12
Fence Panel Holders 12 Pack - Holds Fence Panels In Place, Reduce Bowing and Rattling Help to make your fence last longer & look better by: Holding the panels in place to reduce bowing and rattling Lifting the panel slightly away from the concrete / gravel board to reduce contact with water &am..
Brand: Cyclaire Product Code: fence-panel-wedges-20
Fence Panel Wedges - Stop Fence Panels Rattling or Banging - Pack of 20 How to Stop Fence Panels Rattling or Banging - Fence Panel Wedges. We all know how annoying a banging or rattling fence panel is, with our Fence Panel Wedges this problem is solved quickly and easily. Fence Panel Wedges a..
Brand: Cyclaire Product Code: EGR-FORD-1
EGR valve blanking plate Ford 1.8 TDCi Focus Galaxy Mondeo C-Max Transit Connect A great modification for Ford vehicles with the 1.8 TDCi engine That is vehicles with the EuroIV Ford 1.8 TDCi engine, which includes  - Transit Connect (06 on) - Mondeo (07 on) - Focus (05 on) - C-Max (05 on) -..
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