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  • Victorinox Multipurpose Kitchen Scissors
    The Victorinox Multipurpose Kitchen Shears are a true kitchen all-rounder. The blades are formed of exceptionally hard stainless steel and feature micro-serration to effectively hold different cutting materials in place. Like all our products, the handles of these kitchen scissors are strong, practi..
    £ 20.49
  • Whiteley Classic Kitchen Scissors - 8cm Cut
    Whiteley Classic Kitchen Scissors - 8cm Cut “The best kitchen scissors” – Moneysense William Whiteley hot-forged, stainless steel Classic Kitchen Scissors are the perfect addition to your kitchen drawer. Handmade by craftsmen using traditional techniques passed down for centu..
    £ 42.99
Scissors, Whiteley, Classic, Kitchen, 8cm, Cut, William, 10″, Wilkinson, Black, Sewing, Sidebents