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Brand: Books Product Code: BK482
The Art of Bushcraft by Jesper HedeA Field Guide To Preserving Traditional Skills And Reconnecting With Nature By Jesper Hede. 235 page paperback. Topics include: History of bushcraftSustainability and bushcraftFirst aid in the wildernessAccess and rules in nature, and more...
Brand: Books Product Code: BK481
The World Almanac Guide To Getting Out Alive1001 Tips For Surviving. 181 page paperback. Full color survival handbook offering tips and tricks for getting through life in one piece. Chapters include: Survival skills 101, First aid basics, Animal attacks, Dangerous situations, Body language, Occupati..
Brand: Books Product Code: BK480
The Pocket Guide to Edible Wild Plants by The U.S. Department of the ArmyHow To Forage Safely and Responsibly. 143 page paperback. Full color reference to plants common and rare. Details on how to locate, identify, and prepare edible wild plantsInformation on their specific nutritional benefits and ..
Brand: Books Product Code: BK460
The Ultimate Guide to Survival Shelters by Tim MacwelchHow To Build Temporary Refuge In Any Environment. Find out more about: Shelters you bring with you, including clothing and basic outdoor gear.Shelters you can find in the wild and build from vegetation, Snow shelters, Tarp shelters, Advanced she..
Brand: Books Product Code: BK458
Sharpening and Knife Making By Jim Watson. 175 page paperback. Information on: Tools and suppliesSharpening your toolsSharpening carving and kitchen knivesReconditioning tools and stones, and more..
Brand: Books Product Code: BK416
How to make a fire without matches by Christopher NyergesTips, Tactics, and Techniques for Starting a Fire in any Situation. By: Christopher Nyerges. 147 page paperback. Topics include: How to make a fire in the rainThe best locations to build a fireSafety precautionsHow to tend a fireHow to make a ..
Brand: Books Product Code: BK410
Total Survival by James C. JonesHow to Organize Your Life, Home, Vehicle, and Family for Natural Disasters, Civil Unrest, Financial Meltdowns, Medical Epidemics, Political Upheaval. By James C. Jones. 178 page paperback...
Brand: Books Product Code: BK372
The Pocket Guide to Preppers Knots by Patty HahneA Practical Resource to Knots That Can Help You Survive. 155 page paperback. Covers topics such as uses for various types of ropes, how knots affect the overall rope strength, multipurpose knots, and more..
Brand: Books Product Code: BK322
Mushrooming with Confidence By Alexander Schwab. A guide to collecting edible and tasty mushrooms. A handy guide for identifying the most common and delicious mushrooms. 300 color photographs. Lists of the best tools for mushrooming, the best techniques for getting a mushroom out of the grou..
Brand: Books Product Code: BK316
The Badass Survival Secrets By James Henry. Essential skills to survive any crisis. In this book, you'll learn basic survival skills such as: how to build a fire, how to find clean water, how to find food that is safe to eat, how to build a shelter, basic navigation and many more useful skill..
Brand: Books Product Code: BK315
The Badass Preppers Handbook By James Henry. Everything you need to know to prepare yourself for the worst. Learn such things as: how to fortify your home, how to preserve and store food and water for years, what should go in your "bug out" bag, how to cook off the grid, what fire..
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