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DMT Knife Sharpening

Brand: DMT Knife Sharpening Product Code: DMT-W4EE
DMT W4EE 4" Diamond Whetstone Extra Extra-Fine Convenient pocket model 4” Diamond Whetstone sharpener with protective leather sheath for easy access to a variety of sharpening, hone or filing needs. Extra-Extra Fine (3 micron / 8000 mesh) provides the finest polished edge of all bonded d..
Brand: DMT Knife Sharpening Product Code: DMT-D6CX
DMT D6CX 6" Dia-Sharp Continuous Diamond, Coarse and Extra-Coarse For bench stone applications when versatility is important, but storage is limited, choose DMT's 6” Double Sided Dia-Sharp continuous diamond sharpening bench stone. Two grit options in one stone. For knives, blades an..
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