Wood carving enthusiast.

Turkey season is approaching, and we've carved up the perfect project to get you in the holiday mood.

Because, what better way is there to embrace the spirit of Christmas than by carving up a cute, fun, and downright adorable turkey? That's right, it's time to carve turkey! And with our new "turkeylicious" tutorial, it is as easy as apple pie. Our carving guide is a breeze to follow, making it perfect even for complete beginners.

We'll show you the secrets to creating beautiful feathers, perfecting that beak, and carving that iconic fan tail – all the little details that make your turkey truly gobble-worthy 
And if you love this idea and need a pattern to get started, don't worry! Download our collection of 150+ wood carving patterns and get this turkey pattern for free. It's your one-stop shop for all your wood carving needs! 

You can create this fun project with just a few carving tools:

C16 Big Roughing Knife
C15 Detail Wood Carving Knife
P8/08 Palm Chisel
LS6P1 Leather Paddle Strop
K12/02 Compact V Profile Chisel
Basswood Wood Blocks