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Marttiini Snappy Wood Carving and Whittling Knife Leather Sheath

Marttiini Snappy Wood Carving and Whittling Knife Leather Sheath

Brand: Marttiini Professional Knives
Categories: Bushcraft and Survival Knives  Whittling Knives 
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Product Details and Description

Marttiini Snappy Wood Carving and Whittling Carbon Steel Knife with Leather Sheath

A handy knife with a short blade for carving and whittling.

The 6 cm long carbon steel blade is handy in use and easy to keep sharp. The handle shape follows the traditional Marttiini Lynx handle. Birch handle with waxed finish gives you a good grip on the knife. Black leather sheath with printed Marttiini logo pattern.

Length of blade : 5,9 cm
Total length : 18 cm
Blade material : Carbon steel
Handle material : Birch, Waxed
Sheath : Leather Black

Carbon steel
A blade made of carbon steel (chromium 3%, carbon 0,75%, HRC 55-57) is particularly adapted for whittling and is easy to sharpen back to its original sharpness yourself. In maintaining a carbon steel blade, it's important to dry it carefully after each use. It's also good to treat it regularly with unsalted oil, like cooking oil for example. A carefully maintained carbon steel blade will remain rust free and has a very long life.

Regular, straight-grained birch is also used as a material for many traditional Marttiini knives. Birch makes for a durable and sleek handle.

Leather sheath
The leather sheaths of Marttiini knives are made with either vegetable or chrome tanned oxhide. The leather hides are purchased from both Europe and South America. The sheaths are made with both dyed and natural colored leather.

The knife sheaths are still made mostly by hand. Each sheath has to be exactly the right size and shape, so it forms a fitting pair with the knife. A section of the leather is cut with a model iron, and the seams are attached with glue before sewing. Most sheaths have a plastic piece inside that supports the sheath and protects the blade.

The printing on the sheath is made on either the cut section or the finished sheath. Rivets, and in some cases a bronze collar, strengthen and adorn the sheath.

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