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BeaverCraft SC01 Gouge Wood Carving Tool Set - 4 Tools, Tool Roll, Leather Strop and Compound

BeaverCraft SC01 Gouge Wood Carving Tool Set - 4 Tools, Tool Roll, Leather Strop and Compound

Brand: Beaver Craft Wood Carving
Categories: Wood Carving Chisels and Gouge Tools 
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Product Details and Description

BeaverCraft SC01 Gouge Wood Carving Tool Set

This professional BeaverCraft Chisel Set SC01 is designed for performing woodcarving projects of varying complexity, doing a relief carving, as well as 3D carving. The tools are used for forming the surface, shaping, making deep hollows and fine lines carving. The set includes chisels and a short bent gouge, so with these tools you will easily carve a spoon, kuksa or any wooden sculpture. The tools are used to carvesoftwood as well as hardwood. The blades are made of high carbon steel, well-sharpened and buffed. These woodcarving chisels are used for precise manual treatment only, excluding hammer and mallet use.

The ash handles are lightly waxed to protect them whilst retaining its natural color and feel. All chisels in the set are fitted with smaller handles, which our customers find to be more comfortable in usage than the larger one. All tools come razor sharp right out of the box, complete with a tool roll for better storage and transportation. The set also includes a leather strop and a polishing compound to make the tools sharp again when needed.

BeaverCraft chisels are handcrafted both for beginners and professional wood carvers. 

The Set includes:

Compact short bent gouge K8a/14
Compact straight rounded chisel K5/12
Compact straight rounded chisel K9/10
Compact straight V-profile chisel K12/02
4 Pocket Tool Roll TR4
Leather strop & polishing compound


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