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Axminster 8 Piece Detail Carving Tool Set

Axminster 8 Piece Detail Carving Tool Set

Brand: Axminster Wood Carving Tools
Categories: Wood Carving Chisels and Gouge Tools 
Product Code: 200112
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Price : £ 22.99
Product Details and Description

Axminster 8 Piece Detail Carving Tool Set

An excellent 8 piece set of small carving tools, very nicely made and great value for money. Although mainly intended for filling in detail work on larger carvings, they are equally useful for tackling small size carving projects.

There is a useful range of shapes, curved gouges, skew and straight chisels and a Vee tool, and the edges are very sharp and will stand up well to heavy usage. The low price should make this set very attractive to beginners who might like to have a go at carving but are reluctant to invest too much at the outset.

The overall lengths are 150mm, the blade lengths 25mm and the widths across the blades vary from 4 to 8mm.

Key Features
8 piece carving set in plastic box
Shapes include curved gouges, skew and flat chisels, V tool
Overall length 150mm , blade length 25mm

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