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Mora Spoon Carving Kit - Mora 164 Knife plus Lime Wood Spoon Blank

Mora Spoon Carving Kit - Mora 164 Knife plus Lime Wood Spoon Blank

Brand: Mora Of Sweden
Categories: Spoon Carving Knives 
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Product Details and Description

Mora Spoon Carving Kit  - Mora 164 Knife plus Lime Wood Spoon Blank

A Swedish tradition - Spoon Carving with the Worlds most popular Spoon Carving Knife, the Mora 164 Hook Knife.

Mora 164 Wood Carving Knife
The Mora Wood Carving 164S is a specialized tool for wood carving. It's very suitable for carving spoons. The round shape enables you to carve wood in a way that you couldn't do with a regular knife. Compared to the Mora 162 and 163, this tool is more suitable for fine tuning. 
The blade is sharp on one side. The pointy end of the blade is very suitable for fine needlework. If you work creatively with wood carving, this tool is practically indispensable.

Curved narrower 52mm blade (160mm overall) and tapering birch wood handle. The Mora Single-Edged Spoon Wood Carving Knife 164s is made in Sweden. It is a great knife for carving wooden spoons, bowls, and many more. 

Lime Wood Spoon Blank
This spoon carving blank is made from light and soft lime wood. It has an excellent shape, you just need to design and finish your artwork. Having carved the workpiece, you can paint it, cover with varnish or natural oil. This wood carving blank is great both for beginners and professionals woodcarvers.

The kit is the perfect gift, either to yourself or someone you like. Whether young or old, everyone can take out the kit and get in the creative flow with full focus on creating a beautiful piece of craft.
Catch the creative flow Carve the wooden horse and let it decorate your home in its natural costume, or paint and decorate it in a way that matches your mood. There are no limits! It's also the perfect gift for Christmas, Birthdays, or when you just want to give someone you like a unique gift.

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