Flexcut JKN96 Spoon Carving Jack

Flexcut JKN96 Spoon Carving Jack

Brand: FlexCut
Categories: Spoon Carving Knives 
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Flexcut JKN96 Spoon Carving Jack

This Flexcut Spoon Carvin' Jack is a triple-bladed tool designed specifically for spoon carving.

The blades fold neatly and safely into the anodised aluminium handle when not in use. The comfortable contoured handle features cross-hatching for an improved firm grip.

Carve a spoon anywhere any time; Flexcut’s Spoon Carvin’ Jack is compact, fully closed it measures only 108mm. It has both a shallow and deep hook blades, designed to form the hollows of spoons and bowls. The third blade is a 35mm long straight blade for shaping and carving the outside of the spoon and the finer details of your design. The shallow hook blade has a radius of 125mm, the deep hook blade’s radius is 19mm. Total weight 160g. Made in USA.

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