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UOVision Live Trap Alarm with Magnetic Contact and SMS Notification

Brand: UOVision Trail Cameras
Categories: Trail & Surveillance Cameras 
Product Code: 205-001
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Price : £ 129.00
Product Details and Description

UOVision Live Trap Alarm with Magnetic Contact and SMS Notification

A simple but very practical Live Trap Alarm (LTA).
LTA is a so-called magnetic alarm. When the magnet detaches from the alarm, LTA sends an SMS notification to your mobile phone. You can then call the alarm to listen in and ascertain whether you can hear an animal in the trap or other indicative noises.

You simply attach a string or fishing line to the magnetic connector. The LTA is perfect for use as a trap alarm with, for example, live catch traps or alarms for doors on storage sheds and garages, quad bikes, scooters, boats and more - this flexibility is a big advantage!

- The alarm can be sent to 5 mobile telephone numbers.
- Sends 2 control SMS notifications per day to give you a status report on the alarm - that it is active, remaining battery power, signal strength, etc.
- When the alarm goes off, LTA continues to send a message until someone confirms the alarm.
- LTA can be named.
- Engergisna Needle, powered by 4x standard AA batteries (batteries last about 6 months)
- Can be dialed when the alarm goes off.

In the delivery:
- 1 LTA unit
- 2 different magnetic contacts
- Mount for wall mounting
- Mounting strap
- 2 pieces of string in different length
- 2 nylon line (type of strong fishing line)
- Foldable antenna
- English manual

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