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Seek Thermal Reveal XR FF Handheld Thermal Camera - Black

Seek Thermal Reveal XR FF Handheld Thermal Camera - Black

Brand: Seek Thermal
Categories: Thermal Imaging 
Product Code: SK-RT-EBAX
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Product Details and Description

Seek Thermal Reveal XR FF Handheld Thermal Camera - Black

Designed for hand held wildlife observation, tracking and spotting, the Seek Reveal FF (Fast Frame) XR Hand Held Thermal Imager has a detection range of up to 275m, providing the ideal hand held thermal spotter for short to medium range spotting, and tracking blood trails with a smooth refresh rate.

The Seek Reveal XR is a hand held thermal imaging camera with a 20 degree field of view and a fast refresh rate for smooth imaging, using FastFrame imaging technology. Engineered with faster imaging speeds that help reduce motion blur while scanning or on the go, with a frame rate of greater than 15 frames per second, up to 30fps.

Ideal for hunting, wildlife observation, tracking downed game, or for blood trails from injured animals. The ideal rimfire and air rifle thermal imager

The Seek Reveal provides a detection range up to 900ft (275m) but we think it is ideal for air rifle and rimfire ratting and rabbiting spotting up to 100m. Its 206x156 thermal sensor and powerful 300 Lumen flashlight lets you command both infrared thermal and visible light at the touch of a button.

Full Colour Thermal Imaging

With a user selectable colour palette option, the Reveal XR has an intuitive single handed interface and button control makes it ideal for security, surveillance and hunting at night, with a fixed focus which narrows in at up to 900ft, where the eye can't see in the dark. The integrated rechargeable battery provides a run time up to 10hrs.

Image Capture to Micro SD

With the touch of a button you can capture imagery to the integrated Micro SD card for viewing at home.


Thermal Sensor: 206 x 156
Detection Distance: 275m (Viewing range up to 100m we recommend)
Field Of View: 20°
Temperature Range: -40°C to 330°C
Frame Rate: >15Hz
Lens Material: Chalcogenide
Microbolometer: Vanadium Oxide
Pixel Pitch: 12µ
Spectral Range: 7.5 – 14µ
Display Resolution: 2.4” Colour, 240 x 320
Start-up Time: <3 seconds
Battery Life: Up to 10 hours
Device Dimensions: 127 x 60.96 x 30.48mm
Device Weight: 177g


Fixed Focus
300 Lumen LED (Programmable Brightness)
7 Colour Palette Options
3 Button Navigation
Storage Media: MicroSD Card (Included)
Rechargeable Battery
Colour: Black

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