Boker Plus Appalachian Axe with Hickory Wood Handle

Boker Plus Appalachian Axe with Hickory Wood Handle

Brand: Boker Knives
Categories: Axes Saws and Hatchets 
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Boker Plus Appalachian Axe with Hickory Wood Handle

The Boker Plus Appalachian Axes feature a Rhenish-shaped axe head made of 1055 carbon steel, a choice that represents an above-average carbon content and material standard even for quality axes. The lower tip (heel) of the 10.7 cm long cutting edge can be used as a turning nose for pieces of wood. The material is protected against rust by a protective lacquer. The versatile weight of 600g was chosen for the heads of both axes. For the handles, the best long-fibre breaking American hickory is used, which is far superior to European ash in breaking elasticity and shock load resistance. The handles are double-wedged with a wooden wedge and a steel sleeve. The two models Appalachian Big and Appalchian Small differ in the length of the axe handles.

With a 36cm long handle made of the best American hickory wood, this is the shorter of the two axes. This axe is better suited for carrying in or attaching to a rucksack due to its manageable size. The shorter handle is particularly suitable for longer fatigue-free work with one hand, as is the case when cutting (kindling) wood for cooking fires. The older term, kitchen axe, for axes of this class dates from the time when wood was still used to fire hearths in the home. A leather sheath is not included

Overall Length: 35,50 cm
Blade Length: 10,50 cm
Blade Thickness: 20,00 mm
Weight: 800,00 g
Blade Material: 1055
Handle Material: Hickory Wood

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