Car Key Remote Jammer - RFID Block Anti-Theft Protector

Car Key Remote Jammer - RFID Block Anti-Theft Protector

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Car Key FOB Jammer

Key Remote Jammer blocker for car keys - Prevent your car from being stolen.

About a million vehicles are stolen per year in the UK, which means a car every 1 minute.
Thieves now can open and enter your car without needing to break in by using "signal amplifier" to gain unauthorized access to your car.

This product will stop the signal amplifier from working and protect your car from the thieves.

100% RFID blocking of the key fob signal means that there is no signal available for thieves to amplify to open the car
Stop your keyless entry fobs from being accessed remotely. The pouch is a neat size 13cm x 8cm for a car key.

Easily fits in a pocket to keep your key safe at home, work and out & about
The pouch has a built in key ring and a loop on the back so you can easily hang it up too

This car key signal blocking pouch can 100% block fob signal, prevent thieves amplifying your fob signal and enter your car.

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