Gerber Gutsy Black Compact Fish Processing Tool

Gerber Gutsy Black Compact Fish Processing Tool

Brand: Gerber Knives and Outdoor Equipment
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Gerber Gutsy Black Compact Fish Processing Tool

Designed to be efficiently stored in your backpack or pocket and intuitively used, this solid compact tool offers four essential functions to get the job done and comes in one compact package. The Gutsy is always ready for when opportunity strikes.

The scaler is ground into the metal for sharp teeth that effectively remove scales from the fish, so no time is wasted. The gut hook is also ground into the tool, an ultra-sharp edge that easily slides into the vent of the fish and opens the cavity. Built into the body of the tool is the scooper, an easy-to-use point that allows you to remove any remaining veins without the possible damage of a blade. And last but not least, a bottle opener is included.

Not every fishing trip is planned, sometimes opportunity strikes when you least expect it. The Gutsy is slim enough to keep on hand for those “just in case” moments, and dependable enough to act as an all-in-one processing tool on the fly.


Gutting hook
Bottle Opener
Bearhand Control™
Finger jimping
Contoured handle
Solid state

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