Work Sharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener - 3 Sided Jig and Clamp

Work Sharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener - 3 Sided Jig and Clamp

Brand: Work Sharp
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Product Details and Description

The Work Sharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener is an angle adjustable, three abrasive grit, knife sharpening system that delivers precision and repeatability. Sharpening Angle can be easily adjusted from 15° to 30° in 1° increments to sharpen every knife you own. Tri-Brasive includes coarse 320 and fine 600 grit diamond plates to quickly restore a sharp edge, and a fine grit ceramic stone to hone an incredibly keen edge on your knives.

Innovative clamp design quickly and safely secures the knife. Sharpening base provides a stable platform for benchtop sharpening.

Adjustable Angle
The Work Sharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener can be set to any angle between 15 and 30 degrees. Unlike systems that have a few holes to approximate the angle you want, the Precision Adjust has a knob to adjust your angle. If you want to add an extra degree or two, you simply turn the knob.

Secure Knife Clamp
The Knife Clamp Collet is built to securely and carefully hold your knife. Your knife is clamped in with jaws that feature a layer of rubber between your knife and the clamp. This extra layer of projection ensures your valuable knife won't get scratched, but it still held tight. The wheel closes the jaws, no tools are needed to secure your knife to the clamp.

Tri-Brasive Sharpening Rod
Tri-Brasive Stone
This Precision Adjust features 3 abrasives built into a rotating rod. The first is a coarse diamond (320 grit) that can be used on dull or damaged knives. The medium diamond (600 grit) refines the edge. The fine ceramic will put a very fine edge on your knife. To switch grits, you simply rotate the rod to expose the desired grit.

Thoughtful Details
We notice a few extra features that make this sharpener really stand out. The end of the sharpening rod features a spherical ball and socket joint. This joint removes any play that can cause an incorrect angle. And removing the rod is simple, it is firmly held in with a magnet so don't have to waste a moment taking it apart.

What's In The Box
Tri-Brasive Sharpening Stone: 320 & 600 Grit Diamond, Fine Ceramic
Angle Adjustable Sharpening Chassis
Benchtop Sharpening Base
Knife Clamp
Sharpening Slide Rod

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