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Dianova Classic Long Sharpener - Dual Sided

Dianova Classic Long Sharpener - Dual Sided

Brand: Dianova Sharpeners
Categories: Sharpening Stones 
Product Code: C170G
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Dianova Classic Long Sharpener - Dual Sided

Dianova Lapstone knife & axe sharpeners are quality diamond sharpeners, made in northern Sweden, that will easily keep knives, axes or other tools sharp. 

Double-sided with a coarse and a fine side. A third function comes from using either of the two rounded edges of the sharpener that serves as a steel rod for "steeling" thinner blades.

The great benefit of a diamond sharpener compared with a conventional honing stone is that it can be used dry, it maintains its flat surface throughout its lifetime and it reduces the grinding time substantially. If used dry it should be washed regularly.

Instructions included.
Dimensions: 17cm in total
Diamond surfaces are 7.5 x 2cm 

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