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Ganzo Universal Knife Sheath - for 13cmx4cmx3cm Knives

Ganzo Universal Knife Sheath - for 13cmx4cmx3cm Knives

Brand: Ganzo Knives & Axes
Categories: Knife Sheaths and Holsters 
Product Code: knifebag-2
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Product Details and Description

Ganzo Universal Knife Sheath - for 13cmx4cmx3cm Knives

Knife bag case is sewed of a light material and almost does not affect the weight of the tools that are stored in it. But it is able to provide them with a high level of protection and perfectly adapted for carrying a knife or multitool "at hand."

Case made of nylon - lasting and resistant to abrasion material. It brings the conditions that are typical for hiking and other outdoor activities. The ability to carry a tool on the belt - other feature of this case. There is a special strap behind it, strap fastened to the base by pressing the button.

Thus, the knife in case easy to hang on a belt or remove when needed. Furthermore, there is a metal ring - other way to hang the case. Knife bag delivers protection against splashes, dust, dirt. At the same time, it is very easy to wash.


Universal design
Durable materials
Abrasion resistance
Case is very light

Material: Nylon
Fits maximum 13.0cm (length) x 4.0cm (width) x 3.0 cm (height) / 3.0cm (diameter)
Ring loop
Stretchy elastine for universal fit
Belt attachment 2.5 inches (width)
Dimension: 13.0cm (length) x 3.7cm (width) x 3.0cm (height)
Gross Weight: 18g

Ganzo Universal Knife Sheath

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