SteadySeat - Quick and Easy fix for loose or wobbly toilet seats

SteadySeat - Quick and Easy fix for loose or wobbly toilet seats

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SteadySeat - Quick Easy fix for loose or wobbly toilet seats

Toilet seats have an inherent design flaw: they work loose & wobble. Steady Seat fixes that loose toilet seat quickly and easily, with no need for tools.
Over the course of time the toilet seat works loose.  This causes it to move, wobble or rock when in use.  This is always annoying, often causes inconvenience and can sometimes lead to the seat breaking, or even cause an injury to the sitter!

We have created a simple but effective and very easy to fit attachment that solves this problem once and for all.  Ladies & Gentlemen, we proudly present The Steady Seat!  The easy way to fix a loose toilet seat, no tools needed. We worked hard to come up with a design that was as universal as possible, that would work with many combinations of bowl and seat. We made sure that proper cleaning of the toilet was still possible when The Steady Seat was in place.
The Steady Seat could be fitted very easily, with no tools required and a simple way of positioning The Steady Seat correctly.
If you don't have a problem with a loose toilet seat, we bet you know someone who does! And, of course, you can fit a Steady Seat now to save a problem in the future.
Note: The seat requires a flat underside to which The Steady Seat can stick.  If the underside of the seat is hollowed then, in it's current form, The Steady Seat will not work as effectively
SteadySeat is designed in Britain and made in Britain.
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