Mini Inflator - Lightweight Compact Air Bed Pump

Mini Inflator - Lightweight Compact Air Bed Pump

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Mini Inflator - Lightweight Compact Air Bed Pump

Airbed pump that really works. Mini Inflator is a small airbed pump that packs so much power that it can inflate an air bed in about a minute. Powered by a single PP3 9V battery, the mini inflator is just 85mm long and 35mm diameter, it takes up an absolute minimum of space in your luggage.

The Mini Inflator airbed pump is supplied with a nozzle that enables it to connect directly and quickly to most airbeds and other inflatables. Then, simply connect the battery and step back, the Mini Inflator will do its thing and your airbed or other inflatable will be pumped up in an amazingly short time. The mini inflator can also deflate an airbed quickly too.

No need for you to roll around on it trying to get the last bit of air out so that you can pack it away properly, simply connect the Mini Inflator to the airned in reverse, attach the battery and step back. In no time at all, your airbed will be completely flat and ready to pack away neatly. The Mini Inflator airbed pump is very quiet too. The Mini Inflator and a single PP3 9V battery really is all you need to pump up airbeds and other inflatables so quickly and easily. Compared to noisy electric pumps, or pumps that need to connect to a car 12V supply, or footpumps that tire you out before the airbed is pumped up, the Mini Inflator w
ins hands down every time!

  • Airbed pump that can inflate a single airbed in about 1 minute
  • Small (85mm x 35mm) enough to fit in your pocket
  • Requires just 1 x 9V PP3 battery (not supplied)
  • Fast, light, small air bed pump


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