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Slug Bagz - Slug Traps - Reusable or Disposable - 3 Pack

Slug Bagz - Slug Traps - Reusable or Disposable - 3 Pack

Brand: Katcha Pest Control
Categories: House & Garden  Garden Care Products 
Product Code: PE39299
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Price : £ 4.99
Product Details and Description

Katcha Slug Bagz

Attract & kill slugs & snails naturally & effectively. Easy to use, simply fill with beer, position in the garden near plants/shrubs & empty then refill as required.


Snails are naturally attracted to the smell of beer
Can be placed amongst flower beds, vegetable patches, allotments, in fact anywhere slugs/snails are a problem
Can be washed & re-used or simply discarded
Safe and hygienic
Chemical & poison free!
Safe to use around pets & birds
Size: 20 x 24 cm

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