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Slug and Snail Barrier Circles - Pure Copper

Slug and Snail Barrier Circles - Pure Copper

Brand: Katcha Pest Control
Categories: House & Garden  Garden Care Products 
Product Code: PE56336
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Product Details and Description

Katcha 4 Metre Slug and Snail Barrier Circles

Slug Circles are a non-toxic barrier against Slugs & Snails in the garden. Simply cut to size & place around the plant/shrub or create a slug-free zone by ring fencing a part of the garden. When a slug/snail attempts to cross a slug circle, a small electrical charge is created naturally by the copper tape which will repel them.

Slug Circles are a combination of rot-resistant polypropylene onto which copper foil is adhered. Copper foil is a well known slug/snail repellent. Slug Circles are simply formed & positioned around the plants/shrubs in the garden. Slug Circles can also be used to ring-fence an area in the garden & keep it free of slugs/snails. Slug Circles are supplied as a coil of polypropylene and a separate coil of copper foil. The user can create Slug Circles of varying diameters to suit their own particular requirements


Works all day, every day
No mess, safe and hygienic
Uses no chemicals or bait
Simple to use
Effective Pest Control Treatment
Total length 4m

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