Cat Scarer and Repel - Natural Cat Deterrent - Pack of 2

Cat Scarer and Repel - Natural Cat Deterrent - Pack of 2

Brand: Katcha Pest Control
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Katcha Cat Scarer and Repel - Pack of 2

A natural deterrent against cats invading gardens or fouling vegetable patches etc.. Cats are territorial, meaning that they do not like sharing areas with other cats & will generally flee from competition


The eyes are made from coloured glass to replicate a real cat’s eyes – reflects light in the dark to discourage cats from visiting the area after dark as well.
Modelled after a cat’s natural defensive body language to further discourage cats from entering the area where they are placed
Does not harm the cat, it mimics a natural confrontational situation to repel cats from the area
Made from strong, weatherproof metal
Can be placed in ground or hung from fence/tree
Size: 36 x 17 x 0.1cm

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