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Floating Pond Protector - Easy Install - Covers 2.4m

Floating Pond Protector - Easy Install - Covers 2.4m

Brand: Katcha Pest Control
Categories: House & Garden  Garden Care Products 
Product Code: pond-protector
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Price : £ 17.99
Product Details and Description

Floating Predator Protection For Ponds and Water Gardens

Pack of 30 pieces plus connectors - good to cover around 2.4m² Each disc is approx 30cm x 27cm

A floating pond guard system that is easy and quick to install and really does protect your pond from predators such as cats and herons
Fits almost all shapes and sizes of ponds, even where floating plants are used. Hardly visible from just a short distance away
Easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance
Free and Quick Postage


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