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Wallet Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Card - 2 Pack - 4 Colours

Wallet Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Card - 2 Pack - 4 Colours

Brand: Cyclaire
Categories: Home Care Products 
Product Code: rfid-blocking-card-2-pack
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Product Details and Description

Wallet Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Card - 2 Pack - 4 Colours

Card protection the easy way. Place this credit card-sized insert in your wallet or purse for instant, effective protection against card skimming and data theft. All RFID tags within 2.5cm of either side of the card are shielded from scanning attempts.

No Battery required. Containing an antenna and chip, this smart blocking card reacts automatically to any scanning attempt by instantly sending out a scrambling signal. There's no battery to replace - for permanent, zero-hassle protection.
Works with your current purse or walletThere's no need to swap your current wallet for a specialist RFID-blocking version. Simply insert this card for instant peace of mind. It's also perfect for mobile phone cases as it does not affect phone signals, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other functions (apart from RFID and NFC signals).

Suitable for a number of uses including protecting contactless credit and debit cards, key cards, entry cards, work ID cards, passports, smartphones and keyless car fobs.


This RFID blocker card disrupts radio frequency signals within a 5cm radius (2.5cm each side of the card). Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.15cm (same length and width as a credit card and marginally thicker). Single card included.


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