Spider Catcher - Vacuum Insect Catcher - Remove Spiders and Insects

Spider Catcher - Vacuum Insect Catcher - Remove Spiders and Insects

Brand: Katcha Pest Control
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Bug Buster Spider Catcher - Vacuum Insect Catcher

Remove spiders and insects from your home without harming them with the Katcha Bug Buster.

This spider and insect vacuum gives you the ability (and the bravery) to remove the creatures safely, just point the trap, press the button, and the battery-operated vacuum will gently capture the spider or insect.
This clever tool requires no smelly sprays or poisons that could harm pets, instead it allows you to humanely catch the bugs and release them safely without harm - and all at an arms length away
This handy spider catcher can also capture wasps and flies, and picks up those home invaders, woodlice.


  • Remove spiders and bugs from your home
  • Push button keeps bugs at arm’s length
  • Battery operated vacuum
  • 9V battery included
  • 60cm (23.25") Long
  • Free Delivery

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