Patio & Conservatory French Double Door High Security Metal Lock

Patio & Conservatory French Double Door High Security Metal Lock

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Patio & Conservatory French Double Door High Security Metal Lock

Easy to fit - The simple system is easy to fit and easy to remove, with no key or combination required
Visual Detterrent - Apart from the physical barrier this lock provides, it will also deter any would-be burglars

Add an extra element to your home security arrangements to give you enhanced peace-of-mind by stopping patio door handles from being turned, these safety gadgets deter burglars or uninvited guests from entering.
The latest device in home security for double patio/french doors, aimed to help prevent criminals entering your home. Made of Solid Metal - No DIY skills or tools required and can be fitted and removed in seconds.

With a burglary happening around every minute is your home really safe? A massive percentage of break-ins happen at the rear of the property, hence patio doors been a popular target. Our Patio Door Security Lock will not only help the security of your doors but also act as a deterrent. It helps prevent lock bumping, lock snapping and also help prevent the doors been forced open.

Figures also show slowing a burglar down by 3 minutes is enough to make them leave your property empty handed. Beware of cheap plastic alternatives, can you really put a price on security. Don't let unwanted visitors make your home a crime scene!

Adjustable to fit any patio door handle. A great burglar deterrent that will give you added peace of mind

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