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Herbal Moth Repellent - 100% Natural - Pack of 10

Herbal Moth Repellent - 100% Natural - Pack of 10

Brand: Katcha Pest Control
Categories: House & Garden  Home Care Products 
Product Code: PE34641
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Price : £ 4.99
Product Details and Description

Katcha Herbal Moth Repellent

Protect stored clothes from moths with the unique Herbal Moth Repel. The combined scent of the special blend of herbs and peppermint repels moths whilst leaving garments smelling fresh. Pack of 10 sachets.


Contains 100% natural ingredients.
Freshens garments whilst leaving a lingering fresh herbal scent.
Eliminates the need for airing out clothes after storage.
Great for keeping in wardrobes, drawers or anywhere that clothes are stored.


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