Casstrom Lars Falt Survival Knife - 4.52" Carbon Blade - Curly Birch Handle

Casstrom Lars Falt Survival Knife - 4.52" Carbon Blade - Curly Birch Handle

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Casstrom Lars Falt Survival Knife - 4.52" Carbon Blade - Curly Birch Handle

A very sturdy bushcraft knife from Casström developed together with renowned wilderness and survival expert Lars Fält. 

The knife is very versatile and ideal for a variety of outdoor activities as well as longer expeditions in the wilderness. The knife blade is made from thick Böhler K720 tool steel with high carbon content to make the knife durable even with hard use (such as for wood splitting). The steel quality coupled with the Scandinavian grind make the blade robust whilst being easy to handle and easy to grind with a small flat sharpener in the outdoors. 

The full-tang construction (the blade goes all the way through the full width and length of the handle) means that even if the handle is damaged in any way, the knife can still be used without problems. 

The handle design is straight and ergonomic and fits the grip of both big and small hands and is made of selected curly birch treated with a traditional Scandinavian linseed oil mixture. A sturdy and deep sheath in vegetable tanned leather and a leather strap for the handle is included.

Total length 23 cm
Blade length 11.5 cm
Blade width 2.9 cm
Blade thickness approx. 3.5 mm
Weight 175g
Steel Tool steel Böhler K720 (carbon steel)
Hardness 58-60 HRC Sanding Scandinavian grinding
Handle Selected Curly Birch with black fibre liners
Sheath Deep pouch sheath in thick vegetable tanned leather 

About Lars Fält:
Lars Fält is internationally regarded as one of the foremost experts in wilderness and survival skills. 

A large part of Lars’ life has been about bushcraft and survival. He founded the Swedish Armed Forces Survival School and was in charge there for many years. His interest in outdoor pursuits, survival and knives came early during his military career. Lars Fält has extensive experience as an instructor with airborne units of the Swedish armed forces and has trained with British and US Special Forces. He has also participated as an instructor with other overseas armed forces in terrain as varied as the Canadian arctic through to the Australian outback. 

Whilst working with indigenous peoples in different parts of the world, Lars has developed a profound respect for their knowledge and view of life. Many of these contacts have followed Lars Fält throughout his life, and provided an important source of knowledge and inspiration for the development and adaptation of survival techniques. With the ending of his military career, Lars concentrated his efforts on spreading knowledge about the wilderness and survival techniques to the general public through education, lectures and the publication of a number of books.

About the steel:
Böhler K720 (carbon steel / tool steel, AISI O2) Strong oil-hardened tool steel with high carbon content. The chemical composition allows it to be cured to a high hardness with retained ductility (ability to deform without breakage) and toughness while being easy to grind and capable of obtaining a very sharp and durable egg. Due to low chromium content, it will rust if left wet and therefore must be dried after use and protected with oil or wax when stored in a high humidity environment. Composition: C 0.9%, Si 0.25%, Mn 2.0%, Cr 0.35%, V 0.1%

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