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UST USB Hand Warmer and Emergency Charger

UST USB Hand Warmer and Emergency Charger

Brand: UST Brands - Ultimate Survival
Categories: Survival Essentials 
Product Code: 20-12124
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Product Details and Description

UST USB Hand Warmer and Emergency Charger

The slim and lightweight USB Hand Warmer provides soothing warmth for hours. Use it for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, skiing and so much more.


Built-in, rechargeable battery—recharges with USB cord
Features two temperature modes for adjustable, comfortable warmth
Orange and blue LED indicator light
When fully charged, the USB Hand Warmer can be used to charge a mobile phone in an emergency situation. Indicator light will turn off when charging


Input: DC 5V/1.0A
Output: DC 5V/1.0A
Capacity: 2000mAh

Orange (high) - run time 3 hours
Blue (low) - run time 6 hours
Press and hold button for ON/OFF operation

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