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UCO Original Candles 3pk Citronella 9 Hour

UCO Original Candles 3pk Citronella 9 Hour

Brand: UCO
Categories: House & Garden  Survival Essentials 
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UCO Original Candles 3pk Citronella 9 Hour

Our custom citronella candles burn for 9+ hours and present a pleasant citronella aroma. Citronella helps repel mosquitoes that may carry the Zika, Dengue Fever, and Chikungunya viruses.

Create a bit of cozy with UCO’s citronella-infused paraffin candles. Long-lasting and easy to pack, they also emit a sweet scent that infuses the air and refreshes your senses after a full day of outdoor adventure! So, light up the lantern and create a relaxing, welcome source of heat, light and a soothing scent.

For use in Original Candle Lantern™, Original Candle Lantern + LED™ and Candlelier® Candle Lanterns or for use in a candle holder.


Burns 9+ hours per candle.
Citronella oil is mixed into the paraffin.
Special wax formula optimized for use in UCO Candle Lanterns.
High-melt temperature minimizes dripping.
Special wick provides ideal flame.
Produces heat to warm tent and reduce condensation.
Economical source of light.

Weight (3-pack): 5.0 oz. (142 g)

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