Kero Reindeer Leather Coffee Bag - Cedar Brown

Kero Reindeer Leather Coffee Bag - Cedar Brown

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Kero Reindeer Leather Coffee Bag - Cedar Brown

This is a fine piece of handicraft made in Swedish Lapland and inspired by the traditional Sami style of coffee bag.

It is an ideal bag to store tinder or other firelighting material, or other items you may require for a time spent in the outdoors. It is a superior leather for outdoor purposes being very durable whilst still being thin and very light weight.

The bag is made from 1.2 mm fully vegetable tanned (bark tanned) reindeer leather from freely grazing reindeer in Lapland. Vegetable tanning gives the leather a natural water repelling effect and is better for the environment than chromium tanning.

The bag measures 23 x 15 x 6.5cm and is a dark, cedar brown colour.
The indigenous Sami people from Lapland traditionally used (and still use) leather bags made from their reindeer to store meat, coffee, salt and flour. Even though it has been made for outdoor use it is also a very nice item to just enjoy in itself.

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