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Gerber Freescape Small Lantern - 80 Lumen - Waterproof

Gerber Freescape Small Lantern - 80 Lumen - Waterproof

Brand: Gerber Knives and Outdoor Equipment
Categories: Camping and Bushcraft Equipment 
Product Code: GER-1014957
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Product Details and Description

Gerber Freescape Small Lantern - 80 Lumen - Waterproof

Featuring Freetouch Technology that works with a gentle tap, the Freescape Small Lantern bumps camp lighting to the next level. Touch the ring to turn the lantern on (or off) and brighten the campsite, or touch and hold the ring to dim the light when the 80 lumens is overpowering, creating a soothing atmosphere that still allows visibility.

The Freescape Small Lantern emits light from the frosted side lens as well as through the bottom of the lantern to maximize effectiveness for use both above the table and on it. An easy to use spring-loaded handle makes it simple to hang within a tent or from a rope suspended in a nearby tree.


On/Off Power Switch
Freetouch Technology: Tap On/Off and Hold to Adjust Output
80 lumen
Spring-Loaded Handle Clip
Grippy Rubber Footings
ABS Plastic Body with TPE Over-molds
IPX4 Water Resistant
Battery life when its most needed:

Powered by three AA batteries, the Freescape Small Lantern is equipped with a power-kill functionality that keeps the light off when stowed away to guarantee long battery life. In addition to its infinitely adjustable dimming feature, the Freescape Small Lantern is reliable no matter what dilemma arises, whether camping or at home. The IPX4 water resistance rating means that even if left out overnight in the rain, the Small Lantern will continue shining bright.

Bright accents for quick visual ID:

With bright green accents along the black surface, the Freescape Small Lantern draws just the right amount of attention to itself so as not to get lost in the shuffle of camp gear.

Height: 5.9"
Diameter: 3.2"
Weight: 8.3oz
Batteries: AA x 3


80 lm/2 hrs
5 lm/25 hrs

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