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Gerber Freescape Large Lantern - 300 Lumen - Waterproof

Gerber Freescape Large Lantern - 300 Lumen - Waterproof

Brand: Gerber Knives and Outdoor Equipment
Categories: Camping and Bushcraft Equipment 
Product Code: GER-1014040
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Product Details and Description

Gerber Freescape Large Lantern - 300 Lumen - Waterproof

A high quality flashlight can mean the difference between finding your way back to the car and spending a long night 100 dark yards from the trail. Designed by in collaboration with Bear Grylls, the Bear Grylls Intense LED Torch packs 140 lumens of bright light into a pocket sized LED flashlight that weighs less than your smartphone. Several survival minded features help to make it more than just a bright pocket light. The first thing youll notice, after its easy to see orange colour, is the triangular shape. Round flashlights can roll away on flat surfaces and slip out of wet hands. The Intense Torch wont roll and its easy to grip. Since the conditions when you need an emergency light are often less than ideal, youll find the anodised aluminium casing includes a molded rubber grip for optimum comfort and security in your hand, regardless of weather.

Its an SOS signal beacon -
A not so obvious but ingenious survival feature is the built in SOS mode that flashes a bright 140 lumen SOS code with the push of a button. We hope you never need to test it, but if you do, the SOS feature should make you more visible to search and rescue crews on a cold, rainy night. The light has three additional brightness settings to suit your needs and help you meter battery use: 140 lumen high, 35 lumen medium and 17 lumen low. The low setting offers 17 hours of burn time, while the medium provides 8.5 hours and the high runs for 90 minutes. Theres also a momentary on mode for when you just need a burst of light to locate something in your pack or to signal a partner.

LED technology uses less power -
Thanks to LED technology, the Intense LED Torch does all of this with just two AA batteries. Its waterproof design protects it from rainy downpours and even an extended dip underwater. The handy wrist lanyard adds security and means you can hang the light in your tent for hands free lighting. Simple and efficient in its design, the Intense LED Torch offers peace of mind - pack it whenever your travels include backcountry destinations.

Bear Grylls Survival Series -
Introducing the Bear Grylls Survival Series of gear. This collaboration brings together Gerbers over 70 years of tool and gear expertise with Bear Grylls' extensive outdoor survival and adventure experience to create a one of a kind line of tools, tools and gear.

From his time in the British SAS, to scaling Mount Everest, to hosting his survival television show all over the globe, Bear knows what it takes to be a survivor in extreme situations. Each item in the Survival Series is meticulously designed by and Bear to offer a multitude of uses in any environment.

Lights -
Like all tools, Flashlights are built with quality and precision. Gerber's illuminating game tracking light technology makes finding your game at dusk that much easier to navigate. Besides...doesn't a Flashlight make a perfect companion for your tool or multi tool.

- High power: shines 140 lumens bright for 90 minutes
- Medium power: shines 35 lumens bright for 8 hours and 30 minutes
- Low power: shines 17 lumens bright for 17 hours
- Batteries: 2 x AA (included)

Features -

- Built in SOS message beam delivers 140 lumens
- Four brightness modes allow you to extend burn time and get the right light for the job
- Momentary on push button for signalling partners
- LED technology is brighter and uses less power than standard bulbs
- Anodised orange colour makes it easy to find amongst your gear
- Three sided design conveniently stays put when set down or dropped
- IPX7 rated: waterproof construction keeps it safe for 30 minutes underwater (up to 1 meter in depth) and in a downpour
- Convenient lanyard for security and hanging for hands free lighting
- Priorities of Survival - pocket guide contains Bear's survival essentials

Size and Weight -

- Overall length: 5.98" | 15.18cm
- Weight: 3.89oz | 110.3g

Additional Information -


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