Casström Fire Striker Army - Bog Oak Handle

Casström Fire Striker Army - Bog Oak Handle

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Casström Fire Striker Army - Bog Oak Handle

This is a nice firestriker steel made using Bog Oak for the handle. A firestriker steel is an essential component of any bushcraft or survival kit and this firestriker comes with real character.

What is Bog Oak?
Bog Oak is not a species of tree, rather it is a term given to the oak found in the peat bogs of Great Britain and Ireland. Low oxygen conditions in peat bogs helps preserve the wood from normal decay, and the acidic conditions combine with the natural tannins in the wood to give Bog Oak it's distinctive and pleasing colour. It is essentially in the early stages of fossilisation, and many samples of Bog Oak are hundreds if not thousands of years old. A very sought after material indeed!

Quality all-weather firestriker steel
12000+ strikes
The exposed steel is approx. 6 cm or 2.35" and 9.5mm in diameter (full army size)
The total length approx. 13cm
Handle made from Bog Oak
A reindeer leather string/lanyard with a striker plate is looped through a hole in the handle

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