Silva 30D Waterproof Carry Dry Bag 24L

Silva 30D Waterproof Carry Dry Bag 24L

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Silva 30D Waterproof Carry Dry Bag 24L

Silva 30D Carry Dry Bags are versatile waterproof gear bags that will keep your clothing and equipment protected not only in wet weather and in the marine environment but when it is used in snow or sand locations as well so these are great all-round activity bags.
This bag is available in five capacities with 3, 6, 12, 24 and 36 litre versions that are colour-coded in bright and easily identified colours.

The Silva 30D Carry Dry Bag is made of lightweight but famously durable Cordura that will give a long life of service and which remains flexible even down to a temperature of -20°C.
The opening uses a roll top closure system. Rolling the fabric over at least three times ensures a waterproof seal once the buckle is secured.

Roll top and buckle closure
Material: 30 denier Cordura durable lightweight quality fabric
Winter use: Flexible in temperatures down to -20°C

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