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Boker Plus Redox Pen

Boker Plus Redox Pen
Boker Plus Redox Pen
Boker Plus Redox Pen
Boker Plus Redox Pen
Boker Plus Redox Pen
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  • Brand: Boker Knives
  • Product Code: 09BO032

The innovative Boker Plus Redox Pen is based on a thousand-year-old technique, which was already known in ancient Rome and was even used by Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Dürer for their famous drawings. The modern pen does not require a refill and works completely without graphite abrasion or ink. Instead, the Redox Pen takes advantage of the rapid oxidation that occurs when the ethergraf tip comes into contact with paper.

This means that the pen does not wear out, leaves no unwanted traces on hands or clothing and can be used without any problems even under the most adverse conditions. The lines look like they were drawn with a pencil, but cannot be erased or smudged. The high-quality tip is made by the Italian writing instrument manufacturer, Napkin. The Redox Pen looks like a classic pencil and is made of high-strength titanium. With a practical clip.

Overall Length: 13,10 cm
Weight: 33,00 g
Color: Gray

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