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Barn the Spoon Episode 1 - Becoming a full time Spoon Carver

The first of a Barnaby Carder (Barn the Spoon) double bill.

Barn is a spoon carver, co-organises spoonfest and is the author of several books including the excellent Spon.
In this episode Barn tells us about how he got into wood-working at a young age and later discovered the joys of working green wood. His journey has been unusual and is told with Barn's classic humour. 

Click Here to listen to Episode One of the Building Sustainability Podcast

In This Episode
The Green Wood Guild (London)
Robin Wood
Mike Abbott
Ray Mears essential bushcraft
Pfiel Tools
Peddlers License 
Ben and Lois Orford
Tormek sharpening
Woodturning monthly

This Episode is sponsored by Cyclaire Knives and Tools

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